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When it’s time to locate a top notch family lawyer to help when faced with legal hurdles, you need someone who understands the ins and outs of everything involving family law. From guardianship and custody cases to adoption and wills, our lawyers can help you get the end results you’re looking for! At Kenneth E. Raney P.C. Attorney at Law you can depend on a team who will take great care in guiding their clients through complex legal processes, from start to finish. We strive to treat every case with commitment, efficiency, and consideration as we navigate the case together as a team. For the best family lawyer in Tyler, TX call on Kenneth E. Raney P.C. Attorney at Law!

Wills are legal documents that dictate how a person will want their estate to be dispersed in the event of their passing. Creating a clear and legally binding will involves the help of lawyers who can help assure their client’s final wishes will be fully understood by whomever it may inevitably involve. Whether you are needing a lawyer to help in creating a will or proving the validity of an existing one, call on the team at Kenneth E. Raney P.C. Attorney at Law! For many years we have been a leading provider of high quality family law services in Tyler, TX and its surrounding communities.

If you are needing assistance in legally proving the validity of a will and testament of a deceased person, a probate attorney is who you should be looking for! A great probate attorney will be highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated to their clients and their sensitive situation. From probate guardianship to estates, our probate attorneys can help you! For many years Kenneth E. Raney P.C. Attorney at Law has been a top choice for residents in the Tyler, TX community needing a probate or family attorney. Our legal team is committed to treating our clients as part of our family. Call us today for a great and affordable probate attorney near you!

Probate guardianship is the legal way of describing a relationship between predetermined god parents and their god children. In the event that one or more children are left without parents, a court will appoint a probate guardianship to allow the adult to be the legal guardian of the child or children. A probate guardianship is not a process that should be dealt with alone. The team at Kenneth E. Raney P.C. Attorney at Law are highly experienced in handling all types of family law cases from wills to guardianship and adoption. Call us today for help navigating the waters of probate guardianship and family law cases.

Oftentimes a real estate lawyer is required when complex circumstances are involved whether it be divorce or commercial property buying. A great real estate lawyer will be dependable and highly knowledgeable in current real estate and family laws. From selling and buying real estate to seeking compensation for damages, our team of real estate lawyers are ready to help. At Kenneth E. Raney P.C. Attorney at Law you can rely on our real estate lawyers who will work diligently to help you get the case results you’re after. Our team has many years of experience providing many types of family law services including those involving wills, guardianship, divorce, and much more for residents in the Tyler, TX community.